Book Review – Pilates for Pregnancy: A safe and effective guide for pregnancy and motherhood

The Supermum Myth by Anya is my mummy Bible so I was so excited to receive her latest addition. This book is the perfect accompaniment to her previous book, but focusing on physical health rather than mental health, so both books combined are perfect for mums to be and new mums.

The first part of the book (and snippets throughout the book) are very informative and helpful, including things such as breathing, equipment, history of pilates and science on the mothers growing bump. I found the section about posture to be very useful and it has caused me to be more mindful of my own, especially working as a cleaner.

The routines are very easy to follow and all of them include a “suitable for… ” section so there is no confusion which ones are suitable for your stage in pregnancy (or postnatally). The photos are clear and straight forward throughout. I quite like that there are postnatal workouts to do with your baby.

Overall this book has to be on every mum to be’s essentials list along with anything else by Anya.

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Baby number 2!!

IMG_20180916_140259_417So we have found that Isabella is going to become a big sister in 2019!

We are currently in Dunbar, Scotland on a family holiday so will update my blog once I’m back.

We’re on our way to The Walled Fairy Gardens today πŸ˜„


Book Review – The Supermum Myth (become a happier mum by overcoming anxiety, ditching guilt and embracing imperfections)

I hate to sound cheesy but this book changed my life. This book should be read by every mum-to-be and new mum. Unfortunately, I read this book after going through depression, anxiety and PTSD but had I read this before, or even during that time, I could have made more sense of what I was going through. Thriving for perfection, for me, is one of the main triggers for my anxiety. This book helps you accept your flaws and shows that even “Perfect Petunia” has her off days where her little angels smear shit all over the walls. That everyone has parenting wins and parenting fails, euphoric highs and menacing lows.

It’s a book that you can sit and read in a day or dip in and out of it when you please. This book will always be in my little shelf above my chair where all of my best books live.

Add this to your essential reading list mummies, it will not disappoint! This is the mummy Bible! The author Anya Hayes is also really lovely and posts some brilliant stuff on Instagram (@mothers.wellness.toolkit)

You’re not alone.

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The Big D

No, I’m not on about the male appendage. I’m on about that evil, dark, shit stain that is depression.

I haven’t posted in over a month. I felt good for a few weeks, then slowly but surely felt more anxious, until it was effecting me that much that I start getting depressed. I didn’t want to leave the house, I had no energy, slacked at work and I was absolutely certain Izzy would be better off without me and that everything I was doing was letting her down. I didn’t tell anyone. Not even my fiancee until this weekend. I’d go to bed, to the garage, have a shower and I’d cry. That really intense crying where you can’t swallow and you feel your head is about to explode.

Looking back – strangely enough, I can pin point the change in my mental health with changing the time of day I took my Citalopram. I was Google diagnosing myself on whether I should up my intake when I came across a bunch of posts saying they changed their timings and were much better without increasing their dosage. So I went back to my original 10pm dosage on Friday and low and behold, my energy has increased ten-fold – both at home and at work. My patience has improved and I don’t feel like a shit mummy. I’m under no impression that there won’t be bad days in my future but feeling even a tiny bit better than I have done is progress.

Day 1 of 30 Days Wild

So Friday was the first day of The Wildlife Trusts 30 Days Wild.

We decided on Nature Tots at Westport Lake, Staffordshire. The theme was snails and slugs and started off Izzy painting her very own snail on a paper plate.

Then we ventured off around the lake and into a field for bug hunting.

And then into the woods to look for snails, slugs and worms


Everybody Nose πŸ˜‚

So this is what Izzy extracted from her own nose today.

I bought some sugar free sugar puffs for my breakfast and she asked for some this morning, so I gave her a handful and she wolfed them down. I went to get her a yoghurt and when I turned round she was messing with her nose and I took a look and there it was. Firmly lodged up there. We tried to get her to blow it out but it wasn’t budging. I went to change out of my pyjama’s so we could go to the hospital while James kept trying. Just as we’re about to leave she does a big blow and it came flying out of her nose.

Not even an hour later she shoved some cooked cheese up there!!!

Nightmare πŸ˜‚

Wildlings therapy

Izzy and I went to our fortnightly Wildlings session today, hosted by the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust. Last time we went there (before my diagnosis) my anxiety was bad and we ended up only staying for 30 minutes. This time we stayed for the full 90 minutes, we did the gruffalo trail into the woods, played in the mud kitchen, painted with mud and she had juice and biscuits. Izzy is never one that just sits down for more than 30 seconds, she is constantly on the go. I wouldn’t change it for the world and I am quite grateful of it as it acts as a distraction from the anxiety and paranoia that other people are criticizing my parenting. I have had past experiences where I’ve let Izzy explore and be a toddler and I’ve heard people criticizing me, which is where the paranoia stems from. We were at messy play once and she was sticking some edible play dough in her mouth and I heard a women say to her husband “I would never let our child stick any of THAT in her mouth”. It made me question my parenting and was I actually doing the right thing letting her shove this perfectly edible dough in her gob? I stopped her from sticking anything in her mouth for the rest of the session. She was miserable, I was miserable. All because of that one little comment.

As we were walking out of Wildlings I saw the boat pull up just down the path. I asked Izzy if she wanted to go on the boat and we sailed across the river in the warm breeze and sunshine, watching the ducks, swans and geese, eating corned beef, cheese and brown sauce sandwiches. We even saw some terrapins sunbathing. I felt so relaxed, it was like all my worries had gone. When Izzy was laughing at the swans bobbing upside down after I told her they were having their dinners, thats when I realised I’m not doing too bad at this parenting malarkey.

My therapist told me to accept the good and bad days. This was my good day 😁